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Stethy is the AI doctor for the modern clinic

What it does?

Stethy is an AI assistant for your clinic, it’s like having multiple doctors and nurses helping you in diagnosing and treating your patients more efficiently. Using our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Stethy gives the doctor a list of the symptoms and a proposed diagnosis before the patient walks into their treatment room. This allows you time to think and prepare what to ask.


How it works

Stethy is an iPad kiosk installed in your waiting room. Stethy registers your patients on arrival to your clinic and asks them a couple of questions about their symptoms. It then generates a pre-diagnosis, which is then sent to your computer screen, allowing you to see the symptoms and the generated diagnosis against your patient list. Stethy constantly learns from each patient and adapts from the doctors feedback.


Register patients and
ask questions about


Generates a


Sends ready
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How it helps you

Make a great impression

Upgrade your waiting room from paper and pen and go digital with modern registration and custom clinic branding – leave your patients with a polished, professional first impression

Reduce clinic waiting times

Stethy triages patients automatically, allowing patients to be seen faster

Boost doctor efficiency

Stethy allows doctors to see on average 1-2 more patients per hour

Streamline your clinic workflow

Time spent with the patient is much more efficient – the diagnosis and treatment is even more accurate

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